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Choosing A Children’s Backpack Carefully As A Way To Reduce Injury

November 17, 2014 Hastings and Hastings

Choosing A Children’s Backpack Carefully As A Way To Reduce Injury

Backpacks come in all styles, colors, shapes and sizes. However, choosing the right backpack is one of the most important aspects of ensuring that children do not experience sprains, strains and even fractures. Perhaps one of the most important aspects of choosing a backpack is simply selecting one that is ergonomically designed. A properly designed backpack that is focused on ergonomics can greatly enhance comfort and safety.

Designed To Transfer Weight From The Shoulders And Back

In addition, a backpack that is properly padded can greatly reduce pressure on all segments of the back, under arms and shoulders. Most importantly, a properly padded backpack is more comfortable and more enjoyable to wear. Another key component of a quality backpack that is intended to reduce injury is one that has chest belts or hip belts. These belts are designed to transfer weight from the shoulders and back to the torso and hips. Equally important is to find a backpack that has a variety of compartments.

Help To Stabilize Items And Contents In A Backpack

This is an important aspect of choosing a backpack because it allows the wearer to more evenly distribute weight throughout the backpack. It also increases safety and security of items being carried. An added advantage of choosing a backpack with many compartments is that it makes access to contents easier and more convenient. Another sign that a backpack is quality designed is when it has compression straps. These straps are important because they help to stabilize items and contents in a backpack. By compressing the contents of a backpack it becomes more manageable and easier to carry.

Choose A Better Backpack

Finally, one excellent safety tip with regard to choosing a backpack is to select one that has highly reflective material. A backpack that is manufactured of quality reflective material can greatly enhance the visibility of a child especially during the night hours. When all these considerations are taken into account, parents are typically far more likely to choose a better backpack for their children. As an added note, children should be taught how to properly lift a heavy backpack. Simple instructions such as bending at the knees and using the legs to lift can go a long way in keeping children safe and injury free. Contact Hastings & Hastings for Phoenix personal injury legal assistance today.