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Christmas Tree Safety Tips

January 19, 2015 Hastings and Hastings

Christmas Tree Safety Tips

Each year across the country millions of homes are decorated with Christmas trees. This includes everything from live trees that are cut fresh to trees that are artificial and made a variety of materials. However, as beautiful as these trees may be they have caused countless home fires over the decades. One of the easiest ways to prevent a fire is to simply decorate a tree in a careful and correct way.

Choose One That Is Fresh With Green Needles

The first step in preventing an accident or a fire during the holidays is to select the right type of tree. For example, when selecting an artificial tree it is best to purchase a tree that is certified and that has been labeled as a type of tree that is fire resistant or fire retardant. When choosing a live tree it is best to choose one that is fresh with green needles that do not fall off when they are touched. Whether a tree is live or artificial, preventing fire is one of the most important safety considerations.

Adding Water To The Tree Stand

With regard to a live tree, it is important to place the tree properly. This simply means ensuring that the base of the trunk is cut back a few inches prior to being placed in the tree stand. In addition, homeowners should always make certain that a tree is placed at a minimum of three feet from any heat source such as candles, a fireplace or a radiator. Lights or heat vents can also cause a potential fire when a tree is placed incorrectly. Continually adding water to the tree stand can also keep a tree moist thereby preventing fire.

Independent Laboratory Tested And Labeled

Finally, lighting the tree should be done in a safe and conscientious way. This includes making sure that lights that are purchased are independent laboratory tested and are labeled as such. Homeowners should always refrain from using burning candles to decorate any kind of tree. As an added note it is always recommended that lights on a tree be turned off prior to going to bed or leaving home for any length of time. Replacing worn or broken cords and any loose bulbs can also prevent an unexpected accident. Contact Hastings and Hastings today for a discount personal injury attorney in Phoenix Arizona with decades of experience.