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Clear Indications That A Driver May Be Drunk

February 28, 2015 Hastings and Hastings

Clear Indications That A Driver May Be Drunk

Drunk driving is responsible for a substantial number of injuries and deaths each and every year across the country, that is why it is a good idea to know some of the clear signs and indications that a driver may indeed be drunk. For example, while not always the case, a driver that drives with no headlights after dark may be inebriated or impaired. In addition drivers that signal inconsistently or are slow to respond to traffic signals may also be impaired.

Operating A Motor Vehicle With Some Type Of Impairment

Making abrupt or illegal turns or showing signs of erratic braking and driving into oncoming traffic are more obvious signs that a driver does not have full mental or physical facility. This along with stopping in traffic for no apparent reason or drifting into other lanes can be clear evidence of a drunk driver. Swerving, or striking objects as well as straddling lane markers or the center lane can be additional obvious and clear-cut indications that a driver is operating a motor vehicle with some type of impairment.

Avoid A Driver That Could Ultimately Cause An Accident

Even something as simple as a driver making excessively wide radius turns may indicate that impairment is clouding the driver’s judgment. From drugs to alcohol and drowsy driving, there are many contributing factors that can cause a driver to become impaired. Safe drivers who are also defensive drivers should know these warning signals as a way to avoid a driver who could ultimately cause an accident (possibly resulting in injury or loss of life.) Drivers that are intoxicated exhibit certain behaviors that can often be detected.

Dangerous Accidents Happen Each And Every Day

As a safe and responsible driver, it is always recommended to steer clear of and avoid drivers that have symptoms of impairment. Taking note of an impaired driver’s license plate number and writing down a description of the vehicle along with calling 911 is the preferred way to handle an encounter with an intoxicated driver. Dangerous accidents happen each and every day on the roads and highways of America that frequently result in serious injury and loss of life. Many of these accidents can be avoided by simply staying proactive with regard to detecting and properly handling impaired drivers. Contact Hastings and Hastings today for personal injury attorney assistance in Phoenix.