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Clear Signs That You May Be Too Sleepy To Drive

March 10, 2015 Hastings and Hastings

Clear Signs That You May Be Too Sleepy To Drive

Motor vehicle related accidents involving sleep deprivation or lack of adequate rest have increased in recent years. Whatever the case may be, one thing is certain and that is that people are driving increasingly tired today. This results in serious and even catastrophic accidents that cause injury and loss of life. Staying safe while driving means always having adequate sleep.

Overall Alertness Is Directly Affected By A Lack Of Sleep

Here are a few of the clear and obvious signs that someone may be too sleepy to drive an automobile, truck or motorcycle. For example, heavy eyelids are a clear indicator that someone may be too sleepy to drive. Another clear sign that a driver may indeed be drowsy is when they miss traffic signs or exits. Overall alertness is directly affected by a lack of sleep. When a driver has difficulty keeping their head up they may require a rest. Stopping and pulling over to sleep can greatly enhance safety.

Those Who Are Overly Tired Should Simply Pull Over And Rest

Repeatedly yawning and rubbing one’s eyes may also indicate that there is a sleep deficiency. Equally as dangerous as distracted driving, drowsy driving has caused countless injuries and loss of life events over the years. Experts recommend that those who are overly tired should simply pull over and rest. Even getting a hotel is far less expensive than being involved in a collision. When a driver drifts in and out of their lane or continually hits the shoulder of the road or rumble strips, they are likely too tired to drive.

It Is Better To Seek Another Form Of Transportation

Finally, daydreaming is a common symptom associated with being excessively tired while driving an automobile. When one’s thoughts drift and wander they are not providing the attention necessary to operate a motor vehicle safely. One of the best ways to avoid drowsy driving is to simply never get behind the wheel in the first place. If adequate rest has not been attained it is better to seek another form of transportation. Asking a friend for a ride or taking public transportation is much better than being involved in an accident that results in injury. Consider these simple signs of sleepy driving as a way to always stay safe. Contact Hastings & Hastings today for Phoenix personal injury lawyer assistance.