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The Most Common Bike Accident Injuries Tend to be Severe

May 9, 2018 Hastings and Hastings

If you love riding bicycles, here is a word of advice – you need to be extra careful on roads.  It’s simple – drivers can easily misjudge a situation when it comes to dealing with bikes. They could fail to give enough room for one, which could lead to a crash. And while vehicle drivers most likely wouldn’t be much affected by this type of crash, the same cannot be said for bicyclists. It’s easy to have a cyclist flying into the air as a result of a collision, which in turn can result in major injuries.

Here, we will take a look at some of the more common bike injuries you will find today.

1. Brain Injuries

Even if the accident happens at a relatively low speed, it can cause mild to major concussions, head trauma, or severe brain damage, even if you are wearing a helmet.  Also, it is easy for there to be internal damage, which may not be seen with the naked eye. If you are feeling dizzy, nauseated or sensitive to light, you would need to visit a doctor immediately after a bike crash.

2.  Spine Injuries

Spinal problems can happen too, which could affect the nerves throughout the body. In some cases, spinal injuries can cause paralysis or loss of sensation in the body. Sometimes, in the case of severe accidents, the spinal cord could get damaged and may not heal properly.

3. Seizures

Seizures are also common after any serious trauma and can also result in your feeling moody or nauseated. It is always important to seek medical attention after a bike accident even if you think you feel fine.

4. Death

If the collision is severe, it could even result in death. In fact, death is something you could expect if the crashes takes place at a high speed, especially if the driver is distracted or worse, in an intoxicated state.

If you or your loved one has been a victim of personal injury as a result of any of these, you can always file a claim. Your personal injury lawyer can help you with all the documentation you need, including filing for compensation, which can include everything from the costs incurred for medical treatment to other damages.

Do note though that it is always advisable to visit a doctor immediately after a crash, even if you feel it is nothing important. The symptoms may not appear at first but there could be internal damage which could be fatal if it is not treated immediately. Additionally, do not forget to discuss your legal options with your attorney.