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Common Causes Of Automobile Accidents That Can Be Avoided

February 24, 2015 Hastings and Hastings

Common Causes Of Automobile Accidents That Can Be Avoided

There are many causes of automobile accidents that result in injury and loss of life each and every day across the country. Knowing in advance some of the more obvious causes of automobile accidents can substantially reduce the chances of an individual becoming involved in a serious accident or incident. For example, reckless driving is a common problem especially among young teenagers.

Maintaining Adequate Space Behind The Vehicle Ahead

Parents should take the time to talk at length with teenagers about the importance of driving safely. Teens should be instructed to always consider road conditions and to follow the posted speed limit. Following all laws associated with operating a motor vehicle and never driving distracted can substantially increase safety. Texting while driving or even eating or playing with the radio while operating a motor vehicle is a sure way to be involved in an accident. Teens should also understand the importance of maintaining adequate space behind the vehicle ahead of them.

Drowsy Driving During The Early Morning Hours

Another common cause of automobile accidents is impaired driving and drowsy driving. Both of these conditions can cause a serious and even catastrophic accident. Teenagers who have been out late at night or who lack adequate sleep should always be instructed to refrain from operating a motor vehicle. Statistically speaking, teenagers are most prone to being involved in an automobile accident due to drowsy driving during the early morning hours or late at night. Equally important is to ensure that teenagers who will be operating a motor vehicle do not drink or take any type of medication.

Serious And Catastrophic Injuries And Loss Of Life

Many young drivers simply do not understand or “connect the dots” regarding the dangers associated with driving impaired. Drinking and driving have never mixed and will likely never mix. That is why it is so essential to talk at length with teenagers about the importance of avoiding any type of activity that will cause impairment. Teenager related drinking and driving has been responsible for a multitude of accidents over the years. Many of these accidents have resulted in serious and catastrophic injuries as well as loss of life. Educating teenagers with regard to the dangers of impaired, reckless and drowsy driving is essential. Contact Hastings and Hastings today for Phoenix personal injury lawyer assistance.