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Common Road Dangers That Result In Accidents

September 13, 2014 Hastings and Hastings

Common Road Dangers That Result In Accidents

Even the best drivers can be involved in some type of automobile accident if they are not aware of common road dangers. In fact, road hazards such as potholes, debris and loose gravel are responsible for a large number of accidents each and every year across the country. From a damaged automobile to an injured driver or passenger, common road dangers often result in lost time and money for automobile owners.

Quickly Freeze And Create A Substantial Hazard

Many road hazards can easily be avoided by simply knowing that they exist. For example, ice patches on a road that are isolated can be extremely slick and can cause a vehicle to slide out of control. Poorly designed roads that do not drain water properly can quickly freeze and create a substantial hazard for automobile drivers. When you suspect that ice may be present slow down and become more vigilant of the road ahead. If ice continues to be a threat it is sometimes better to simply pull over and find another way of traveling.

Potholes And Wheel Ruts

Another common road danger that is often ignored is a poorly designed intersection. Not all intersections are created the same and that is why some can be more dangerous than others. Excessively narrow roads as well as poorly planned signage and sharp turns can all contribute to an increased likelihood of an automobile accident. Play it safe and always be cautious when approaching an intersection, especially one that is poorly designed. In addition, roads that have been poorly maintained will have potholes and wheel ruts. This can cause an uneven surface that may result in a vehicle becoming uncontrollable.

Slowing Down As Much As Possible In Work Zones

Works zones are another consideration that must be taken into account when traveling the roads and highways of America. Slowing down as much as possible in work zones is the best strategy. This helps to ensure that an accident does not occur and that workers will remain safe as a driver transitions through the area. Another consideration with regard to work zones is that they often have many confusing signs and distractions. Increased and heightened awareness when transitioning through a work zone is essential to ensuring the safety of all involved. Contact Hastings and Hastings for the personal injury lawyers Phoenix turns to for legal assistance.