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Common Sense Driver Safety Tips

September 9, 2014 Hastings and Hastings

Common Sense Driver Safety Tips

Being a safe driver simply means there is a reduced chance of accidents and a reduced likelihood of injuries. This is good reason to consider common sense driver safety tips as a way to stay safe while on the roads and highways of the country. Perhaps one of the most obvious common sense driver safety tips is to always be a defensive driver. Never trust the other driver’s judgment and always assume another driver will make a mistake or cause an accident.

Rest Breaks

This strategy ensures the negligence and mistakes of others can be addressed in a more organized and controlled fashion. Another key strategy that can greatly reduce the chances of an accident includes merely building more time into any scheduled drive. Rest breaks, and stops for telephone calls are a smart way to be a safe and more effective driver. It is equally important to properly adjust car seating as well as mirrors and even the temperature long before moving a vehicle.

Serious Injuries

Another often over looked strategy that can make a big difference in terms of safety is to ensure all cargo and items being carried are secured. Unsecured items can be dangerous and can easily become projectiles when a collision or impact occurs. This can only add to the complexity of an accident and cause more serious injuries. Most importantly, it is essential to avoid reaching down to the floorboard for items that have fallen while driving. This is a sure way to cause an accident that could result in serious injuries or loss of life.

Safe Driver

Other common tips people have heard many times in the past that still hold true today include slowing down and avoiding distractions while driving. By simply doing the speed limit and avoiding activities such as texting, fidgeting with the radio or other types of activities can substantially reduce the chances of an accident. Finally, being a safe driver also means being a sober driver and a drug-free driver. Follow these simple and basic rules and enjoy many years of driving that are free of accidents and injury. As a note of caution, if an accident does indeed occur it is always a good idea to seek medical and legal advice as quickly as possible. Contact Hastings and Hastings, Phoenix personal injury attorneys, in the unlikely event that an accident does occur.