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Common Types of Car Accidents

December 8, 2015 Hastings and Hastings

Like people and snowflakes, car accidents come in all shapes, sizes, and levels of severity. Learning about the different types of car accidents can help us understand safe driving habits. It can teach us what we should avoid when we are driving, what we should focus on, and help us discover where we face the most danger. Contextualizing the different types of car accidents can definitely help us stay safe out on the road.

Low Speed Impacts – Low speed impacts are car accidents which occur under 10 miles per hour. They usually happen in neighborhoods, parking lots, or housing communities. Because they occur at such low speeds, these types or car accidents are usually very minor. Bent fenders and dented doors are common consequences. Injuries like whiplash can still be acquired which may require medical attention.

Frontal Impacts – Often the most dangerous type of accident. Often, drivers can tell the accident is about to occur which causes them to tense up. This can increase the severity of bodily injuries. Frontal impact collisions commonly involved stationary objects like walls, trees, or telephone poles. Frontal impacts involving two vehicles moving towards each other are often the most deadly.

Rear Impacts – While frontal impact collisions can be the most deadly, rear impact collisions are often the most frustrating. The vehicle struck during a rear impact collision often has little or no control over the situation. They may very well have been driving quite safely. Rear impact collisions are often the result of one driving being distracted.

Side Impact – Also known as T-bone collisions. These types of accidents can be very dangerous because cars often lack safety features, like airbags, on their sides. Rollovers commonly occur in side impact collisions. Statistically, they are almost equally as deadly as frontal impact collisions.