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Common Sense Strategies For Avoiding Dog Bites

August 12, 2014 Hastings and Hastings

Commonsense Strategies For Avoiding Dog Bites

Being bitten by a dog can be a terrifying experience and may cause long-term trauma in both the physical and psychological sense. With that said, following a few simple and straightforward commonsense strategies as a way to avoid being bitten by a dog really makes good sense. While most dog bite incidents occur with regard to a dog known to the biting victim, there are cases where a stray or unknown dog is responsible for the injury.

Dogs Are Smart

Whatever the case may be, one thing is certain and that is taking precautions is well worth the effort as a way to avoid being bitten by a dog. One key strategy for avoiding a dog bite is to avoid staring into the eyes of a dog. A vicious animal that is predisposed to biting will view this as an aggressive type of behavior and respond in kind with some type of biting action. In addition, teasing a dog that is located behind a fence is never a good idea. Dogs are smart and can quickly find a way through a fence often resulting in a biting event.

Risky Behavior

Another smart way to avoid being bitten by a dog is to never go near a dog that is chained up in a neighbor’s yard or in any other area for that matter. It is also important to avoid touching or approaching dogs running loose. Not knowing a dog and not knowing the owner means that approaching this type of dog is risky behavior. As with animals in the wild, sometimes the best stance to take when a stray dog approaches is to simply remain still and calm.

Startling The Dog Or Interfering With Their Food

Once a dog has had a chance to sniff a person they will often move on going about their business. Running frantically away from a vicious stray dog can ultimately result in a dog attack. Other common sense tips include avoiding playing with a dog while they are eating or sleeping. Startling the dog or interfering with their food will in many cases result in a dog bite. Finally, only pet a dog when its owner has given permission. Contact Hastings and Hastings, a Phoenix personal injury law firm, anytime a Phoenix dog bite incident has occurred.