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Common Sense Strategies For Avoiding Slips, Falls And Trips

August 13, 2014 Hastings and Hastings

Commonsense Strategies For Avoiding Slips, Falls And Trips

Slips, falls and trips happen more frequently than most people might imagine. In fact, they are often responsible for serious injuries that even require surgery under certain circumstances. The elderly are particularly susceptible to this type of accident that can ultimately result in a broken hip or other broken bones. Avoiding slips, falls and trips sometimes simply means implementing a few commonsense strategies.

Keeping A Home Or Business Safe

For example, maintaining good housekeeping around a home or business can go a long way in preventing falls from happening. Keeping an area clean of debris and always returning objects to their appropriate storage space can help in preventing trips and falls. Clean, organized and well-maintained spaces greatly reduce the chances of a fall or trip from ever happening. Picking up stray items such as shoes, books, boxes, toys and other items is an important and essential element of keeping a home or business safe.

Carpeting And Other Similar Materials

Another important consideration with regard to creating a space that is less likely to cause slips, falls and trips is to reduce slippery or wet surfaces. Accidents involving slippery and wet surfaces are frequent and typically result in slips, falls and trips that can create serious injury. In many situations there are products available on the market today that can reduce the slickness of a surface. Gripping mats, carpeting and other similar materials can also be used to cover a floor that is otherwise slippery. For example, nonslip rubber mats are often installed in tubs and showers along with grab bars to reduce the chances of falling in the bathroom.

The Right Kind Of Shoes Can Reduce The Chances Of A Fall

Another key strategy that is sometimes overlooked is to provide ample lighting in an indoor space as a way to prevent falls. Poor lighting in a home or office can easily contribute to a greater number of accidents. Staircases, hallways, ramps and basements that are all well-lit serve to make for a safer environment. Finally, wearing the right kind of shoes can also reduce the chances of a fall. Even the shoelaces when properly tied can go a long way in preventing accidents. Contact Hastings and Hastings for Phoenix slip and fall accident assistance that has resulted in injuries and requires professional legal representation.