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Construction Site Accident Prevention Tips

February 14, 2015 Hastings and Hastings

Construction Site Accident Prevention Tips

Far more hazardous than other areas, a construction zone or construction site can easily cause catastrophic injury and even loss of life. The good news is that there are many safety precautions, safety tips and safety strategies that may greatly reduce the chances of a construction site related accident. For example, electrocution is a common problem in the construction zone work environment. When employees are well briefed on safety regarding electricity the chances of an accident occurring are reduced substantially.

Elevator Shafts

Wires and areas of high voltage should be appropriately marked and electricity should be correctly deactivated when working on an electrically powered component. Keeping construction crews thoroughly aware of all electrical hazards is a smart way for business owners to prevent injury. Elevator shafts are another potential hazard in the construction zone environment. This is particularly true with regard to high-rise construction sites. Elevator shafts have traditionally been extremely dangerous and have caused many serious injuries and loss of life over the years.

Prevent Accidents

Employees should be well briefed on “fall protection” strategies and safety when working in and around an elevator shaft. Proper guardrail placement as well as safety nets and elevator operation training should all be implemented as a way to prevent accidents and injury. Of equal concern are the dangers associated with falling debris. A construction zone is an area where falling debris is observed all the time. Construction workers must understand the importance of wearing a construction hardhat at all times and in the proper way. Something as simple as a screwdriver dropped from an upper story can cause catastrophic injury or death.

Alert And Cautious

Fatal head injuries have occurred multiple times over the years for this very reason. Ground crews on a construction site are exposed to extraordinary risk because of this common hazard. Conversely, construction workers doing work on top floors should always be alert and cautious so as to not accidentally kick materials or tools off the side of a building. Securing equipment prior to, during and after use as well as walking carefully can greatly reduce the chances of this type of hazard. Staying safe in a construction zone often simply requires a little bit of forethought and conscious effort. Contact a Phoenix personal injury lawyer today if you have been injured because of someone else’s negligence. Hastings and Hastings is a trusted Phoenix personal injury attorney.