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Defensive Driver Course 101

August 6, 2015 Hastings and Hastings

The Arizona Department of Motor Vehicles offers defensive driving courses in order to dismiss a minor traffic violation; evade the accumulation of driving record points; or reap an insurance discount. It is highly recommended by Hastings and Hastings, Arizona’s Discount Accident Lawyers, to take a defensive driving course.

You should avoid taking a driving course if you satisfy one of the following requirements: 

1 – You are not an Arizona resident. If this is the case, talk with your local defensive driving school to set up an out of state defensive driving course.

2 – You cannot eliminate a traffic ticket that occurred twenty-four months ago. If you have already used defensive driving school to eliminate a ticket, you cannot use it again within a two year period.

 3 – If your traffic violation or accident resulted in a serious injury or death, you cannot take a defensive driving course to eliminate your ticket

In order to learn more about the parameters of defensive driving school, visit here

For those individuals looking to reduce their insurance bill, it is highly recommended that you contact your insurance provider first to discover if you qualify for an insurance discount. Regardless, the lessons learned at defensive driving school are invaluable. They preach a driving style that focuses you on the other drivers, defensively. Indeed, the difference between a good and bad driver is their attentiveness to others on the road. 

If you think defensive driving school is something you could benefit from, keep this in mind: It will take you about four hours to complete the course, and at the end, make sure you gain a completion certificate from your instructor—you will mail this to your insurance provider. If you are taking the class solely to eliminate a traffic violation, your course provider should directly contact the court house, thus eliminating your minor traffic violation.