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Demi Moore Faces Lawsuit after man Drowns in her Pool while away from the Country

August 20, 2015 Hastings and Hastings

Demi Moore, away from the country traveling to meet her daughters for a birthday celebration, received devastating news that a man drowned in her pool while she was away, and she may be facing a serious lawsuit. The death occurred at a party held by her assistant. Attorney Leo Terrel reported to FOX news that “as the homeowner she will be accused of failing to provide proper supervision, the lawsuit will attack Demi’s failure to ensure the safety of her guests from the danger of the pool.”

Although no foul play was involved, and Demi released a heartwarming apology to the family of the victim, the probability of a successful suit are high. It appears that the victim, Steven Valle, did not know how to swim and it seems he slipped and fell into the pool. 

Demi Moore responded that she was in “absolute shock.” I think everyone is even more shocked that she may be held responsible even though she was nowhere near the home when the incident occurred.  However, this is only one of the benefits to carrying homeowner’s liability policies.  Surprising as it may sound, Ms. Moore is actually responsible for what happens on her property whether she is present or not, therefore, her homeowner’s insurance will be presented with the claim.  This is good news for the family of the victim who are no doubt devastated by this event.  While nothing can bring back their son, their brother,  their father, the family of Steven Valle can at least recover damages to help them move on and rebuild their lives after such a tragic loss.