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Don’t make it Easy: 4 Steps for Avoiding Car Theft

January 27, 2016 Hastings and Hastings

You love your car. You depend on your car. Without your car, well, life would just start falling apart. We are right there with you. We rely on our car for everything. If we were to suddenly lose it, we don’t know what we would do. Unfortunately, car thefts do. Today we will look at 4 easy steps you can take to avoid a car theft.

1) Lock and be Mindful

Always keep your vehicle locked at all times, even while you are driving. A certain percentage of car thefts actually occur while the owner of the car is still in the vehicle! Never leave your keys in the car for any reason, even if you are just running inside the house for a few seconds. It isn’t worth the risk. A bold car thief could drive away with your vehicle in the blink of an eye.

2) Hide and stow valuables

Your car is already a tempting target all on its own. Don’t make it any more tempting than you have to. Do no leave valuable items in your vehicle anywhere they might be visible. Dot not leave the title to your car inside the vehicle either. We also recommend hiding the vehicle registration somewhere other than the glove box. If a car thief is pulled over, it could give them trouble when they are asked to produce the vehicle registration.

3) Consider where you park

Only park in locations that are well lit and widely visible. Thieves rarely commit crimes in the open. This also makes it safer for you enter and exit your car if you are walking somewhere at night.

4) Install an anti-theft device

You might just think car alarms are annoying, but they are effective at preventing thefts. It will take a bold carjacker to continue with a theft while the loud call of a car alarm sounds out.