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Drowsy Driving Symptoms And Solutions

November 1, 2014 Hastings and Hastings

Drowsy Driving Symptoms And Solutions

Driving while excessively tired or drowsy can quickly result in a serious accident. Many of these accidents often produce catastrophic injuries and even loss of life. With that said, understanding the early symptoms as well as advanced symptoms of drowsy driving can greatly reduce the chances of being involved in an accident. For example, frequent yawning is one of the first indications that a driver may be excessively tired.

Missing Traffic Signs

In addition, drivers who find it difficult to focus or are constantly daydreaming may indeed be driving drowsy. More obvious and concerning symptoms associated with drowsy driving include drifting in and out of the lane of travel. This is an outwardly obvious indication that a driver is not maintaining safe control of their vehicle. Other common symptoms include missing traffic signs for exits on the highway. Drivers may also notice a feeling of heavy eyelids or excessive eye blinking. Another frequent indication that a driver is drowsy is when they travel for a period of time without any recollection of the last several miles driven.

Short Nap

There are a number of effective ways to combat drowsy driving in a proactive manner so as to avoid an accident. For example, simply stopping the car and pulling over into a rest area or other type of safe area in the highway environment is an excellent strategy for preventing a potential collision. Taking a short nap can revive a drowsy driver allowing them to then proceed to their destination or to a hotel. It is important to note that a nap should be limited to just 15 minutes or less. Sleeping too long can actually be counterproductive and may cause a drowsy driver to become even more tired.

12-Midnight And 6 AM

Those concerned about drowsy driving can reduce the chances of being involved in a drowsy driving accident by simply limiting the amount of driving they do between the hours of 12-midnight and 6 AM. Another way of reducing the effects of drowsy driving is to simply drink a few cups of regular coffee. Caffeine is not a permanent fix but it is a way to help a driver stay alert and awake long enough to get to a hotel. Finally, taking a break every few hours while driving can also help. Contact Hastings & Hastings today for focused Phoenix personal injury legal assistance.