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Effective Strategies For Bicycle Accident Prevention

December 18, 2014 Hastings and Hastings

Effective Strategies For Bicycle Accident Prevention

There are more bicyclists on the roads today than ever before and that is why it is so important to consider some simple and effective strategies for preventing bicycle accidents. For example, making sure that a bike is fully functional and properly configured prior to riding can make a big difference in overall levels of safety. From tire pressure to checking that all parts are securely fastened and checking that the chain is properly lubricated, prevention can go a long way in improving safety.

Prevent Accidents

Equally important is for those riding a bicycle is to know all traffic laws and related safety hand signals. In short, those riding a bicycle and sharing the road with automobiles and trucks should abide by the rules and use similar hand signals used by automobiles as a way to prevent accidents or injury. Another often overlooked yet very simple way of avoiding accidents while riding a bicycle is to choose less congested routes.

Riding In A Straight And Disciplined Way

By simply avoiding heavy traffic and taking less traveled routes, those on a bicycle can greatly improve their overall level of safety and reduce the probability of being involved in some type of collision or accident. In addition, riding in a straight and disciplined way on the right side of the road is always the best strategy. Riding a bicycle in an erratic way or on the wrong side of the road is simply asking for trouble. By riding a bicycle in the same direction as the flow of traffic, a bicyclist is more likely to be seen and acknowledged by motorists.

Impact With The Road Does Not Occur

Finally, as it is often been stated, riding defensively and assuming that an automobile or truck will make an unexpected error is always the best strategy. As an added note, those riding a bicycle should always have both hands on the brakes and maintain a constant vigil for obstacles, potholes, rocks and other debris. This will help to ensure that impact with the road does not occur. Bright reflective gear and protective clothing as well as a helmet and gloves can substantially improve one’s overall safety rating when operating a bicycle on the road. Contact Hastings and Hastings today to learn more about a bicycle accident attorney in Phoenix Arizona that is dedicated and focused.