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Effective Ways To Avoid Injury When Riding A Bicycle

September 23, 2014 Hastings and Hastings

Effective Ways To Avoid Injury When Riding A Bicycle

Few other forms of fun can compare to riding a bicycle on a beautiful clear day. With that said, there are some effective ways to avoid injury while riding a bicycle that are worth noting. For example, something as simple as wearing sunglasses can greatly reduce the chances of being involved in a bicycle incident or accident. Sunglasses reduce the chances of dust, bugs or other debris from getting into a bicycle rider’s eyes.

Padded Bicycle Shorts Combined With A Comfortable Bicycle Seat

In addition, padded clothing can go a long way in protecting a bicyclist if they come in contact with the road for some unforeseen reason. Padded shorts, padded gloves and other types of protection can go far in preventing road rash and other types of injuries that are associated with coming into contact with the road. Best of all, padded bicycle shorts combined with a comfortable bicycle seat can greatly reduce the pain associated with riding a bicycle for hours on end.

Reduced Visibility

Perhaps most important of all is to avoid, if at all possible, riding at night. Riding a bicycle at night is one of the surest ways to be involved in some type of collision or impact with an automobile, truck or motorcycle. For those that must ride at night, using appropriate and approved lighting can greatly improve the chances of being seen by a motorist. As with driving at night, driving in weather conditions where there is reduced visibility like when it is raining or foggy can present hazards to bicyclists.

A Far More Enjoyable Bicycle Riding Experience

Finally, another important aspect of staying safe and preventing injury while riding a bicycle is to avoid hazards and dangers typically found on roads and streets. Loose gravel is one example of a hazard that can quickly cause a bicycle to become unstable ultimately resulting in a bicyclist impacting the road. Bicycle riders that stay alert and watch for debris, loose gravel, rocks and potholes are far less likely to have an accident. These simple and effective ways of avoiding injury when riding a bicycle can make for a more enjoyable bicycle riding experience. Contact Hastings and Hastings today for Phoenix discount personal injury attorneys that offer focused and experienced legal consultation.