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Electrical Fire Safety Tips For Homeowners

March 26, 2015 Hastings and Hastings

Electrical Fire Safety Tips For Homeowners

Electricity provides for many creature comforts that would otherwise not be possible in today’s world. However, there are instances where electrical fires do occur around the home and in businesses. Considering a few important and necessary electrical-fire safety tips can go a long way in keeping the occupants of any building safe and secure. House fires cause countless injuries and take lives each and every year.

Read The Manufacturer’s Instructions

Perhaps one of the most basic and most essential elements of electrical safety around the home is to never allow any type of electrical appliance or its cord to make contact with water. In instances where an appliance is specifically intended to come into contact with water it is important to read the manufacturer’s instructions to operate this type of device safely. Equally important is to immediately unplug any appliance or device that begins to emanate the smell of smoke. This is a sure sign that an appliance or device is malfunctioning.

Electrical Cords That Appear Frayed or Cracked

Leaving a device plugged in after the smell of smoke is detected is a sure way to cause a fire. Another key strategy for preventing an electrical fire around the home is to always replace electrical cords that appear frayed or cracked. Many homeowners have heard the advice in the past that it is important to never overload extension cords or power outlets. This advice is just as true today as it was years ago. This is one of the most common causes of electrical fires in the home. Another major concern is that of running electrical cords underneath a rug or carpet.

Call An Electrical Contractor Or Electrician

Refrain from this type of activity to avoid electrical fires. Homeowners should also refrain from tampering with or working on a fuse box or circuit breaker box in the home. If there is a problem with this type of electrical equipment it is best to call an electrical contractor or electrician to have the problem corrected. As an added note, it is also a good idea to avoid placing any type of flammable liquids or objects around or near light bulbs. Light bulbs become very hot and can easily cause a fire. Using the right wattage light bulb is equally as important. Contact Hastings & Hastings today for Phoenix Arizona personal injury law related services and legal representation.