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Famous Highways and Roads from across the World (Part Three)

January 15, 2016 Hastings and Hastings

Today we are back talking about road! However, these are not just any roads. These roads are practically pieces of art. They are amazing products of engineering which either seamlessly integrate with the natural world around them, or show off an incredible feat of construction and design. From the impressive, to the sublime, to the beautiful, today’s look at famous road will touch it all.

Monroe County, Florida: The Seven Mile Bridge

The Florida Keys are known for crystal blue waters, warm, radiant sunlight, and perfect weather. They also have one the longest bridges in the world. The Seven Mile Bridge spans from Knight’s Key in the Middle Keys, to Little Duck Key in the Lower Keys. It dances from one small island to another and across expanses of jaw-dropping open ocean. A drive over the Seven Mile Bridge isn’t for anyone who has a fear of the sea.

Henan Province, China: The Guoliang Tunnel Road

The one-of-a-kind Guoliang Tunnel Road in the Henan Province is no simple road. The Guoliang road is carved into the side of the towering Tiahang Mountains. The narrow 12 foot road winds up and down and intimidating and steep cliff side. And that isn’t all. The Guoliang road actually tunnels into the mountain side in regular intervals. The construction of the road was actually pioneers by 13 villagers from a remote town nearby.

Paris, France: The Champs- Elysées

In terms of historical and cultural importance, there are few roads in the world more significant than the Champs-Elyées in Paris, France. This wide, eight lane road runs right through the heart of Paris. It has been featured time and time again in historic novels and cinema. It is lined with restaurants, cafes, luxury shops, and art galleries.The Champs-Elyées terminates at the Arc de Triomphe, a massive memorial built to commemorate the lives lost in World War II.