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How To File A Car Accident Report In Arizona

August 1, 2018 Hastings and Hastings

If you are involved in a car accident in the state of Arizona, you need to know how the process of filing a car accident report with the police in the state works. To help you along the way, use this list of helpful do’s and don’ts.

Do be prepared to provide the officer or the other driver with your actual driver’s license, your car insurance information and your vehicle registration.

Don’t argue with any of the officers or interfere with what they need to do. Even if you think that they are somewhat biased in the other driver’s favor, you need to remain cooperative and respectful at all times.

Do make sure to report the accident if there was any other vehicle involved, even if the person claims they aren’t injured. While the law in Arizona doesn’t always require a police report if there is only damage, you will be better protected if you opt to report the incident.

Don’t admit any type of wrong doing in the situation. You can describe the event and all the details of the accident while still remaining honest and truthful. However, the key is to limit yourself to only facts. Don’t try to add your opinion regarding legal liability. The fact is, there may be some contributing factors that you aren’t aware of, which means you should never accept the blame.

Do make sure to document the roadway, as well as the weather conditions. Use anything you can, such as pictures on your phone or written notes.

Don’t answer any type of question that may wind up incriminating you. You are not required to answer questions about your physical or mental condition, or if you were driving while under the influence.

If you are involved in a car accident in the state of Arizona be sure to keep the do’s and don’ts listed here in mind.