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Fire Extinguisher Tips For Homeowners

April 2, 2015 Hastings and Hastings

Fire Extinguisher Tips For Homeowners

A fire extinguisher can be one of the most important tools around a home when it comes to preventing and dealing with unexpected fires. For a fire extinguisher to be completely useful and effective when dealing with fire there are a few factors that must be considered. For example, a fire extinguisher must always be maintained in the best condition possible and serviced as necessary.

Firefighting Agent

In addition, a fire extinguisher must be easily accessible and easy to use by those who will need it the most. This simply means installing a fire extinguisher in a conspicuous or labeled location where even those unfamiliar with a particular home environment will have quick and easy access to this important type of firefighting equipment. Equally important is to ensure that the user of a fire extinguisher is able to deploy the firefighting agent in the right way. Improper use of a fire extinguisher can cause a fire to propagate and expand uncontrollably.

Escape Route Planned

Another major concern with regard to fire extinguisher operation is to never try to use an extinguisher for a fire that has grown out of control. This can result in injury and even loss of life. When a fire becomes unmanageable it is better to evacuate the home and wait for the fire department to arrive. Having an escape route planned well in advance is often the best strategy when it comes to staying safe while faced with a home fire. When applying fire extinguisher agent it is best to stand several feet away from the fire so that injury does not occur.

Maintaining A Sweeping Motion

Finally, when using a fire extinguisher one of the easiest ways to remember how to operate a fire extinguisher is to use the PASS method. The PASS method simply means (P) for pull the pin and (A) for aim at the base of the fire. (S) Refers to squeezing the handle and maintaining adequate pressure on the handle. The last (S) refers to maintaining a sweeping motion from side to side when fighting a fire. Consider these simple and important fire extinguisher tips for homeowners as a way to stay safe in the event of a fire. Consulting with your local fire department is often the best way to get the most timely and accurate advice in this regard. Contact Hastings and Hastings for personal injury attorney representation in Phoenix.