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Firework Safety Tips Every Parent Should Consider

October 14, 2014 Hastings and Hastings

Firework Safety Tips Every Parent Should Consider

Fireworks offer a great opportunity to enjoy the outdoors and a spectacular display. However, there are some important safety tips parents should consider when offering children the opportunity to enjoy fireworks. For example one of the most often overlooked aspects of fireworks safety is to be sure everyone involved is not impaired in any way. Staying sober and avoiding alcohol is an important aspect of overall firework safety.

Purchased From An Approved Source

In addition, parents should pay particular attention to ensuring children are supervised at all times when fireworks are being displayed. Reducing the risk of injury and possible death simply involves ensuring the children maintain a safe distance from fireworks at all times. Keeping children at a safe distance and ensuring they are always supervised can greatly reduce the chances of an accident from ever occurring. Also worth considering is where fireworks are purchased. Depending upon the state and the legality of fireworks, fireworks should only be purchased from an approved source.

Quickly Move Away Once A Firework Has Been Ignited

Another important key aspect of safety with regard to fireworks is to always make certain fireworks are stored in a closed container and in a safe location. Fireworks should never be stored near open flames or where the potential for fire exists. Also of concern is how fireworks are lit. For example, it is important to quickly move away once a firework fuse has been ignited. Equally important is to never return to a firework once it has been lit. This can help to reduce the chances of an accidental injury caused by a close range explosion.

Know All The Safety Precautions

Along with children, pets should be kept clear of fireworks at all times. The best strategy with regard to pets is to simply keep them indoors when fireworks will be used. Another key aspect of firework safety is to never throw fireworks or place them in one’s pocket. Giving fireworks the respect they deserve will ultimately result in a greatly reduced chance of accidents that cause injury. Take the time to know all the safety precautions associated with fireworks as a way to stay safe anytime of the year. Contact Hastings & Hastings to learn more about Phoenix accident injury lawyers with years of experience in personal injury law.