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Flash Flood Safety Tips

August 29, 2014 Hastings and Hastings

Flash Flood Safety Tips

Flash floods occur every year during the monsoon season that result in property damage, personal injury and loss of life. With that said, considering a few flash flood safety tips can go a long way in reducing the dangers associated with this often unexpected and quickly developing weather phenomenon. For example, staying fully aware of current weather conditions is one of the best ways to avoid the dangers associated with a flash flood.

Visibility Is Greatly Reduced

This simply means monitoring radio, television and the Internet for developing weather that may result in flash flooding. In addition, parents should always pay particular attention to where children are playing outdoors when a flash flood is imminent. Preventing children from playing near storm drains during heavy rain is essential to ensuring the safety of all involved. Flash flooding can even be more threatening at night or when visibility is greatly reduced. Always avoid being in areas that present the danger of flash flooding under these conditions.

Fast-Moving Water

Drivers should avoid low-water crossings and avoid driving around caution barricades that are intended to protect motorists from the dangers of flash flooding. In addition, drivers should never attempt to navigate a vehicle through areas that are already flooded. This is especially true where there is fast-moving water. Large volumes of fast-moving water that is deep can spell disaster for those in an automobile, truck or motorcycle. Campers should also be cautious when it comes to flash flooding by never camping at the bottom of a canyon or in a wash. These simple preventative measures can greatly reduce the chances of injury or property damage.

The Vehicle Should Be Vacated Immediately

Most importantly, drivers should never attempt to drive through flooded roadways. This is one of the surest ways to avoid the dangers associated with monsoon related flash floods. Another important consideration with regard to flash flood safety tips is to immediately seek higher ground and avoid areas that are subject to frequent flooding. Any time a vehicle is subjected to rising water, experts advise that the vehicle should be vacated immediately. Seeking higher ground is always the safest option in this regard, especially when a vehicle has been vacated. Careful route selection is another smart way of avoiding the dangers associated with flash flooding. Contact Hastings and Hastings for Phoenix personal injury legal assistance.