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General Public Setting Safety Tips For Both Men And Women

February 12, 2015 Hastings and Hastings

General Public Setting Safety Tips For Both Men And Women

Staying safe in today’s increasingly uncertain world sometimes can be as simple as considering a few essential general “public setting” safety tips for both men and women. One example of staying safe while in public is to always have purposeful and intentional movements when moving around in a crowd or around a large number of people. Looking confused, out of place or in a panic can only serve to attract would-be thieves, criminals and vandals.

Cities And Countries Around The World

Staying focused and looking the part can go a long way in reducing any type of unwanted confrontation while in public. Another useful tip includes men always making sure that their wallet is kept in the front pocket as opposed to the back pocket. While pickpocketing is not a major problem in most major US cities, it is a big problem in other cities and countries around the world. Conversely, women should always maintain a strong and firm hold on their purse at all times. Keeping a purse between its owner and a friend while walking is always the best option.

Walk Into Oncoming Groups

In addition, carrying as few items as is possible can also reduce the chances of being caught off guard by a criminal. Equally important is to never put personal items or belongings down in public. Never take your eyes off of anything while in a crowd. This is a sure way to lose valuables or newly purchased items unexpectedly. When walking it is advised to always walk into oncoming groups of people. This ensures that unscrupulous types will not walk up from behind and snatch a purse or package.

Trying To Resist A Criminal Act

Finally, wearing headphones and listening to music in public is a distraction that can make it easier for criminals and thieves to achieve their goal of taking what is not theirs. Any time a thief or criminal grabs a bag or purse it is best to simply let them go. It is far better to lose a few personal belongings than it is to be involved in serious and sometimes even life-threatening violence when trying to resist a criminal action. Simply call the police or 911 as soon as possible when criminal activity has occurred. Contact Hastings and Hastings today for personal injury legal guidance in Phoenix Arizona.