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Halloween Traffic Concerns

October 8, 2015 Hastings and Hastings

Halloween is fast approaching. It is a holiday favorite for children and adults alike. It can also be one of the more dangerous nights of the year. Kids, parents, teenagers, and young adults all pour out of their homes and hit the streets. Traffic will be high and it will be important to stay alert.

All Good in the Neighborhood

This is going to be the busiest night of the year in terms of pedestrian traffic within neighborhoods. The danger is increased by a number of factors. Children are notoriously unpredictable and difficult to control, even more so when hyped up on candy and Halloween enthusiasm. It isn’t uncommon for them to dart across the street to move from one house to another. Since trick-or-treating occurs at nighttime, it will be more difficult to see . Let’s not forget another defining element of children – they are small. All of these factors can make it an extremely dangerous night to drive around the neighborhood. Take things slow, keep your eyes open, and drive with extreme caution.

The Adult Dilemma

Adults like to party for Halloween as well. Particularly adults in the just over 21 age group. They take this as an opportunity to dress-up, socialize, and sometimes drink. Unfortunately, it is a reality that some people may drink and drive on Halloween. If you see something, say something. Drive with caution. If you notice a driver that may be intoxicated, you can call 911 to report them. You should not feel guilty. They are a danger to themselves and everyone else on the road. That danger is increased by the nature of the night. Traffic is going to be high and children will be out on the street. Your local police force – will be alert as well. It is likely that DUI check points will be established. Stay safe out there!