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Hastings & Hastings’ Accident Checklist

February 18, 2016 Hastings and Hastings

Here at Hastings & Hastings, we have been fighting for the rights of accident victims for over 30 years. This means we have seen a lot of accidents. We know how stressful these situations can be. You are hurt, confused and worried. Your car is damaged. You have to deal with law enforcement officials, insurance companies, and who knows what else! As part of our effort to help you out and reduce your stress, Hastings & Hastings has devices this handy accident checklist.

1: Check to make sure everyone is okay

This is the first thing you should do following an accident. Make sure you are okay, and then check on the others who were involved in the accident. Start with your passengers before moving on to the people in the other vehicles.

2: Call the police

You should call the police following any accident, regardless of the severity. It is important to have the accident document. The police will make sure everyone proceeds forward in a legal fashion. Contacting law enforcement officials will protect you as an accident victim

3: Document the scene

 Almost everyone has a cell phone these days. If it is safe and you are physically able, you should take picture of the accident scene. Get pictures of the damage to all the vehicles involved. Take a photo of the entire scene. Capture any details you feel may be relevant.

4: Seek medical attention

 If paramedics were not called to the scene of the accident, go to the emergency room or an urgent care facility. You should do this even if you feel fine. Aches, pains and symptoms could show up hours, even days after an accident. A medical professional will make sure you are okay and they will document your wellbeing.