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Hastings & Hastings Offers Tips for Surviving a Road Trip

March 3, 2016 Hastings and Hastings

As long as you are obeying traffic laws, driving safely, and adhering to the tenants of defensive driving, surviving a road trip will be no problem. Surviving with your sanity intact, now that is a very different matter.

In general, people tend to romanticize road trips. They love the idea of driving along wide up roads and explore the country, but when faced with the reality if the situation, they discover the experience may be more tedious and boring than exciting. However, if you follow Hastings & Hastings’ road trip tips, you won’t just survive your road trip, you will downright enjoy it!

  1. Create a Simple Plan

One of the biggest mistakes people make when planning a road trip is over-planning. In general, the whole idea behind a going on a road trip is to do something exciting and freeing! Planning out every minute of your road trip will just lead to frustration and disappointment. Don’t be afraid to turn off the highway and go exploring. Smartphones can help you avoid getting lost.

  1. Avoid Drowsy Driving

We would be remised if we did not offer at least one safety tip. This bit of advice does not just apply to road trips; it applies anytime you get behind the wheel of a car. Drowsy driving has been shown to be almost as dangerous as drunk driving. If you are feeling even a little tired, find a place to stop, or let someone else drive.

  1. Pack and Prepare

Sure, we said road trips are all about spontaneous fun, but it is important to prepare at least a little bit. Make sure you have the essentials on hand: clothing, your driver’s license, insurance and registration, medicine, sunblock, a sleeping bag, snacks, MUSIC, and probably a swimming suite.

Hope you are ready to have a blast!