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Hastings & Hastings Summer Safety Tips (Part Four)

June 14, 2016 Hastings and Hastings

Here on the Hastings & Hastings blog, we have spent the month of June discussing a number of very important summer safety concerns. Living in Phoenix is unlike living in any other city in the nation. The incredible, unique Valley of the Sun is home to a lot of fun, and a lot, a lot of heat. So far we have covered pool safety, dehydration, and the dangers of leaving children alone in the car. Each of these safety concerns results in tragic, preventable deaths every year. Hopefully, by following along with the Hastings & Hastings blogs, you know a little bit more about how to stay safe this summer while still having a lot of fun. Today, we are going to touch on a slightly different type of topic. We to discuss staying safe while getting out of town!

  1. Beat the Heat by Hitting the Road

What is the easiest way to endure the scorching hot summer temperatures here in Phoenix? Opting not to endure at all of course! This summer, if you really want to beat the heat and have some fun, why not head out of town?

One of the best things about living in Phoenix is that there are beautiful escapes just hours away. Merge onto the I-17 and head up north for about an hour and a half and your will find yourself in beautiful Flagstaff. There, you can enjoy a cool breeze, rustling pine trees, and nearly endless outdoor recreation. And the options don’t end there! Payson, Prescott, the Mogollon Rim, and the White Mountains are all just hours away. But before you hit the road, make sure you are prepared.

Always travel with a roadside emergency kit. Make sure your car has received a thorough, proper tune-up before hitting the road. That last thing you want is to experience a breakdown in the middle of nowhere.

Finally, spending time outside has its own safety concerns. Before you go anywhere, make sure you tell someone where you are going!! If you are hiking, it is important to have the proper safety gear. The proper footwear could make all the difference. Apply sunscreen liberally, and remember what we discussed earlier, stay hydrated. But most of all, have some fun. Enjoy the summer everyone!