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Hazards To Motorcyclists Riding In Construction Zones

December 16, 2014 Hastings and Hastings

Hazards To Motorcyclists Riding In Construction Zones

Construction zones present unique and dangerous hazards that should be considered by those who ride on a motorcycle. Perhaps most important of all is the fact that construction activity is usually the highest during times of the year when motorcycle riding is most popular. Enjoying motorcycle riding in warm pleasant weather often means a rider will encounter some type of construction zone or construction work. One of the first steps in reducing the hazards a motorcyclist rider may experience in a construction zone is to simply slow down.

Serious Injuries And Loss Of Life

Other common hazards associated with construction zones include loose gravel, uneven roads and construction debris that may be encountered along one’s travel path. Serious injuries and loss of life incidents occur on a daily basis in construction zones. Even something as unsuspecting as an exposed manhole cover can create a serious hazard for those operating a motorcycle. In general terms, any change in a road surface can result in an unexpected accident.

Traffic May Stop Suddenly And Unexpectedly

Other typical hazards associated with construction zones include roadways that are lacking a shoulder. This is an important consideration because it simply means that a motorcyclist may have no escape path if a hazard is encountered. Another major concern is that of the presence of workers on a road where construction zones are active. This can present hazards for both the motorcyclist and workers. Pooling water, and other slippery surfaces are equally hazardous in construction zones. Another common concern for those operating a motor vehicle in a work zone is that traffic may stop suddenly and unexpectedly.

Improperly Marked Construction Zones

From shifting lanes to uneven pavement and loose gravel as well as sudden traffic stops, construction zones present a real and present danger for those operating a motorcycle or any other type of motor vehicle. Following all signage and operating at the recommended speed can greatly reduce the chances of encountering some type of dangerous situation or condition when driving a motorcycle in a construction area. In some cases, improper signage and poorly marked construction zones can create unnecessary hazards that could otherwise be avoided. Motorcyclists should exercise extreme caution and have a heightened state of awareness when operating in a construction zone. Contact Hastings and Hastings today for Phoenix motorcycle accident legal assistance when needed.