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Helping Your Attorney When Preparing A Personal Injury Claim

July 19, 2014 Hastings and Hastings

Helping Your Attorney When Preparing A Personal Injury Claim

When retaining an attorney with regard to a personal injury claim, it is important to provide additional help and assistance to the legal professionals you have retained. This can further serve to make a successful outcome more likely. One way to help when you have retained a personal injury lawyer is to always follow the attorney’s advice. From advising a client on seeking additional medical care to instructing clients not to speak with insurance companies, it is important to always follow your attorney’s advice.

Transparent And Truthful With Attorney

In order to better ensure that the victim of an automobile accident or other type of accident receives the compensation they deserve it is essential to work in concert with lawyers. For example, an attorney may ask a client about previous or past injuries, illnesses or other conditions. This is a time when a client should be forthright, transparent and truthful with their attorney. In addition, clients should also proactively offer any additional information that they feel their attorney should know about.

Follow All Medical Advice Offered By Medical Professionals

When preparing a personal injury claim, it is important for an attorney to have as much information and data as possible. This includes police reports, medical records, photos of the accident site and any other pertinent information. With regard to medical professionals it is also important to the success of a personal injury claim to strictly follow all medical advice offered by medical professionals. Not following the advice offered by medical professionals can result in a condition becoming worse and may ultimately lead to a failed attempt at gaining a favorable settlement or recovery.

The Client Is Without A Doubt An Integral Part

This is important because if the opposing party, opposing insurance company or opposing attorneys discover that an injured individual is not complying with medical advice they may be able to prove through the use of this information that a settlement or recovery is not applicable or valid. Never compromise your position when working with a professional personal injury lawyer by always following all medical and legal advice. The client is without a doubt an integral part of any personal injury case. Always assist your attorney as a way to achieve the best possible outcome. Contact Hastings & Hastings today regarding Phoenix personal injury claims.