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Holiday Light Safety Precautions For Homeowners

January 18, 2015 Hastings and Hastings

Holiday Light Safety Precautions For Homeowners

Each year as the holidays approach, homeowners across the country decorate their homes with decorative lighting. The good news for homeowners is that today’s modern holiday lights are safer and more reliable than they have ever been in the past. Taking a few basic safety precautions can greatly enhance overall levels of safety when it comes to holiday lighting. For example, something as simple as using the proper ladder safety procedures can substantially reduce the chances of an accident.

Reduce The Likelihood Of A Fall

Using the right length ladder for the job at hand is always the best option. This along with having a helper or spotter at the base of the ladder can reduce the chances of an accident. In addition, a ladder should always be firmly planted in the ground or on a concrete surface as a way to reduce the likelihood of a fall. Having the right type of tools to install holiday lighting is equally as important. Insulated holders can be used to attach lights to a house.

The Time Of Day And The Weather Conditions

Another important concern with regard to holiday lighting is to always use outdoor lights for strings that will be placed outside of the house. A weather resistant outdoor extension cord should also be used as appropriate when needed. Prior to beginning the installation of holiday lights it is recommended to unravel lights carefully and check for the possibility of frayed wires, broken light bulbs or other defects. As an added note, the time of day and the weather conditions should be considered prior to installing outdoor holiday lights. Doing this type of project at night or in inclement weather could result in an accident or injury.

Read All Documentation That Comes With Holiday Lighting

Finally, it is recommended to always wear the proper type of clothing when installing holiday lights. Loose clothing or clothing they could become snagged on a ladder on a section of a house should be avoided. Other equally important concerns when installing holiday lights is to avoid power lines and any power entry points to the house being worked upon. Homeowners should also take the time to read all documentation that comes with holiday lighting and Holiday decorations prior to adding these items to a home. Contact Hastings and Hastings today to learn more about a focused Phoenix discount personal injury attorney.