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Holiday Season Fire Safety Tips

January 17, 2015 Hastings and Hastings

Holiday Season Fire Safety Tips

A memorable and enjoyable holiday season is best achieved by having an accident free and injury free time. Here are a few simple and straightforward safety practices that are intended to greatly enhance safety during the holiday season. For example, always ensuring that a house has an adequate number of fire and smoke detectors and alarms is one of the first lines of defense in protecting the occupants of the home from an unexpected fire or smoke injuries.

Inspect All Decorations And Cords

Alarms and detectors should be installed on every level of the house. There should be one in each bedroom as well as one located outside of each sleeping area. Testing these alarms and detectors on a monthly basis to make sure that they are working properly is essential. In addition, changing the batteries every year can greatly enhance their overall effectiveness. When installing electrical decorations and using an extension cord, be sure to carefully inspect all decorations and cords thoroughly.

Ample Amount Of Water

Anytime a damaged item is identified it is best to simply discard the decoration or the cord and purchase a new one. This is an inexpensive way to reduce the chances of an accident or a fire. Equally important is to avoid overloading electrical sockets or outlets. This is a sure way to overheat an electrical circuit and start a fire. When purchasing a live tree, always make sure that the tree is fresh, green and healthy. The stand that is intended to hold a tree should always be maintained with an ample amount of water. This is important because a moist tree is less likely to catch fire.

Opt For Battery Operated Candles

Another great way to reduce the chances of an unexpected fire in the home during the holiday season is to opt for battery operated candles as opposed to using candles with a live flame. Those using space heaters during the winter should avoid placing these devices near to a live or artificial Christmas tree. Space heater safety is an important aspect of overall winter safety and should be considered through the holiday season. As an added note, homeowners should remember that a majority of serious injuries and loss of life events happen in homes where there is no smoke detector or working smoke alarms. Contact Hastings and Hastings for a Phoenix Arizona discount accident lawyer with years of experience.