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Household Fire Safety Precautions

January 24, 2015 Hastings and Hastings

Household Fire Safety Precautions

Household fires happen each and every day across the country and around the world. They are responsible for a large number of serious injuries, catastrophic injuries and loss of life on an almost daily basis. That said there are some obvious and basic safety precautions that every household should be aware of as a way to reduce the potential for injury or loss of life if a fire does occur.

Quick And Efficient Egress

For example, families should establish and become familiar with an escape plan or an escape route that will allow quick and efficient egress from a home that is in flames. Equally important is to ensure that this escape route or escape plan is practiced at least twice each year. When an escape route or escape plan becomes second nature it can save lives. Also worth considering (if smoke and fire are present) is the value of staying low to the ground as a way to avoid the inhalation of smoke. Smoke inhalation is responsible for many deaths each year.

Have A Meeting Place Agreed Upon

When fire, smoke and flames are present, the occupants of a structure should move quickly to exit the building and stay low as a way to avoid smoke inhalation and burn injuries. As part of a home fire safety plan that is established well in advance, occupants of a home should have a meeting place agreed upon once everyone has exited a burning home. This can include a safe place away from the house without requiring anyone to cross a busy street. The area chosen should be far enough away from the home so that burning debris does not injure anyone.

Proceed With Caution

Having a place to meet in the event of a fire emergency can help with accountability issues and can improve overall levels of safety. For two-story homes, it is also good to make certain that a plan is in place to exit a window in a safe and efficient way. Avoiding the potential for injury by falling from a second story window is just as important as avoiding the potential for smoke inhalation injuries and burn injuries. As an added note, many fire safety experts recommend feeling a door prior to opening the door. If heat is detected, it is a god idea to proceed with caution. Contact Hastings and Hastings today for Phoenix burn injury legal assistance.