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Important Precautions To Consider When Riding A Bicycle

September 16, 2014 Hastings and Hastings

Important Precautions To Consider When Riding A Bicycle

There are several important precautions that are worth considering when riding a bicycle. For example, a common strategy that is often ignored but is important in improving safety is to always make eye contact with automobile drivers. Bicycle riders should automatically assume that an automobile driver is not able see them riding along the road. Only when a car driver makes eye contact with a bicycle rider will the bicyclist know for sure that they are being seen.

Potholes And Debris

Because automobiles pose such a serious threat to the safety and security of a bicyclist, it is essential to always make eye contact. In addition, being alert and aware of any potential road hazards and dangers can go a long way in reducing the chances of having a bicycle accident. From sewer grates to potholes and debris, being alert and being aware of hazards while riding a bicycle can prevent an accident from happening. Other dangers that are commonly encountered while riding a bicycle include the crossing of railroad tracks.

Proper Bicycle Lighting

In fact, when crossing railroad tracks it is important to cross at right angles to ensure that a bicycle tire does not become lodged or trapped in the tracks resulting in an accident. Those riding a bicycle at night should also be cautious to avoid driving without the advantage of reflectors and proper bicycle lighting. Reflectors and bicycle lights greatly improve visibility and make a bicycle rider far more visible. This is a smart and effective way to be a safer bicyclist.

Improve Overall Safety

Finally, maintaining a bicycle in good condition is essential to long-term bicycle safety. Checking tires, brakes and lights to make certain that everything is functioning properly is an essential part of maintaining the highest levels of safety. Routine bicycle maintenance can be done by professionals or can be done at home as a way to save money and know that a bicycle is always operating at its best. As an added note, using hand signals when riding a bicycle can further improve overall safety. Hand signals are important in that they alert motorists that a bicycle rider is making a turn or initiating some other type of action. Contact Hastings and Hastings if you have been involved in a bicycle accident in Arizona that was no fault of your own.