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Improving Child Bicycle Safety Through Proper Helmet Use

January 4, 2015 Hastings and Hastings

Improving Child Bicycle Safety Through Proper Helmet Use

Nothing is perhaps more enjoyable to children and riding a bicycle on a beautiful day. That said, there are some essential and important strategies that can greatly enhance the safety of children riding on a bicycle. One in particular is the necessity of always wearing a helmet. Helmets have saved lives and reduced injuries over the years when children have become involved in bicycle accidents.

Wear A Helmet On Every Ride

When purchasing a bicycle helmet for a child, parents should ensure that the helmet meets the standards of the Consumer Product Safety Commission. The helmet should include a CPSC type sticker as a way to know for sure. Most importantly, children riding bicycles should always wear a helmet on every ride under all conditions. Even a short ride requires wearing a helmet. Equally important is to make certain that a bicycle helmet fits correctly. A helmet that is too small or too big can result in the helmet becoming ineffective.

The Strap Should Be Properly Fastened

Consulting with someone with experience at a bicycle store is often the best way to find a proper fitting helmet. Children should also be instructed not to wear a hat or other type of clothing underneath a helmet. Along with having the right size helmet it is also a good idea to wear a helmet in the right way. This will ensure that the helmet will provide maximum protection. The helmet should be worn level and cover the child’s forehand. The strap should be properly fastened and secure. Adjusting straps to the proper length and proper tension will greatly improve safety. A helmet should fit snug but should not be too tight to the point of hurting a child.

Incredible Levels Of Improved Safety

Finally, children should take good care of a bicycle helmet and make sure that it does not become damaged. If a helmet is damaged, cracked or broken in anyway it should be replaced immediately. All said, today’s modern bicycle helmets offer incredible levels of improved safety, look great, and are fun and surprisingly lightweight. Today’s helmets can even be personalized with cool stickers and stickers that are reflective. This can also improve overall levels of safety making a bicyclist more easily spotted by those driving a motor vehicle. Contact Hastings and Hastings today for personal injury legal representation in Phoenix Arizona.