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Increasing Child Safety Around The Kitchen

January 27, 2015 Hastings and Hastings

Increasing Child Safety Around The Kitchen

The kitchen has long been known as a gathering place in many homes where children are frequently present. However, there are certain dangers and hazards to kids that are associated with the kitchen environment that should be avoided as a way to prevent potential burns. For example, one of the easiest ways to keep children safe in terms of avoiding burns is to simply keep children out of the kitchen while meals are being prepared.

Assign Tasks To Older Children

Typically speaking, meal preparation time is a hectic time in most homes. Providing children with engaging activities in other parts of the house during meal preparation is often an easy strategy that can lessen the possibility of the potential accident. Parents can even choose to assign tasks to older children to oversee younger children while cooking is in progress. Equally important is to always avoid cooking at a stove or working with other hot items in the kitchen while holding a child.

Out Of Reach Of Children

Another simple strategy that can reduce the potential for a kitchen related accident is to refrain from using placemats or tablecloths in a home where small children are present. Children have been known to pull tablecloths and placemats off of a table resulting in hot liquids, hot food and other potentially dangerous items falling onto them by accident. Sometimes making a home child-safe can be as easy as eliminating many of the common things found around the home. This combined with always keeping hot liquids out of reach of children can greatly increase safety.

Avoid Burns And Fires

Finally, taking the necessary precautions with regard to appliance cords can keep small children out of trouble. This includes making certain that appliance cords do not dangle in a way that they can be reached by children. As an added note, keeping a stovetop and oven clean and free of debris, grease buildup and other similar items can greatly reduce the potential for a fire. Even a small simple fire on the stovetop can quickly turn into a large overwhelming fire in a very short period of time. Be cautious, be alert and consider all aspects of kitchen safety to avoid fires. Contact Hastings and Hastings today to learn more about a Phoenix personal injury lawyer that has been serving the community for decades.