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Innovative Attorney’s Fees That Save Clients Money

September 9, 2014 Hastings and Hastings

Innovative Attorney’s Fees That Save Clients Money

Perhaps the most important thing that injury victims should understand is that not all attorneys’ fee schedules are the same when it comes to personal injury cases. In fact, attorneys’ fees can vary considerably from firm to firm and from state to state. With that said, there is one Phoenix personal injury law firm that offers impressive discounted attorneys’ fees that are considerably less than traditional attorneys’ fees. Hastings & Hastings is a personal injury law firm that has saved clients millions of dollars in the last several years through discounted attorney fee schedules.

Formal Litigation

The discounted fees of Hastings & Hastings are a flat type of fee that does not change. This simply means that should a claim result in formal litigation attorneys’ fees do not increase from the originally quoted fees. Most importantly, the fees that are involved are offered at a discount as compared to traditional attorneys’ fees. Typically speaking, these fees are predicated on the personal injury claims that a client wishes to pursue.

A Flat Discount

Depending on the type of law involved, fee calculation can range anywhere from 33% to 50% and also depends on the overall complexity of a claim. One example of specific fees related to a personal injury claim includes those involved with an automobile accident related case. In this particular situation fees traditionally range between 33% and 40%. Hastings & Hastings offers clients both discounted fees off of traditional attorneys fees and a flat discount fee giving clients greater flexibility in maintaining more of their settlement or recovery.

Save Money

It is also important to note that with regard to attorneys’ fees that if a claim is not successful, clients simply owe no attorneys’ fees. All of these advantages and more make it clear to see why Hastings & Hastings is considered by many to be a discount accident law firm of choice. Hastings & Hastings has been successfully helping injury victims win cases and save money on attorney fees for decades. Contact Hastings & Hastings today to explore all options with regard to discounted Phoenix personal injury attorneys’ fees.