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Interview Tips

August 12, 2015 Hastings and Hastings

Once in a while, a person will reach a crossroads in their life and decide their current employer may not be a good fit. In the wake of this decision, the daunting task of another interview most likely follows. Recent college graduates looking for a new job have no chance of avoiding the interview process. And no matter what, at some point in one’s life, they will have to meet with a stranger, develop a rapport, impress them, and gain trust. Below are some essentials for nailing an interview.

Presentation is Everything

At the end of the day, 95 % of people are vain and generally have herd instincts. They will judge you based off what clothes you wear, how you look, or whatever else is valued by their society. An interview is not the time to break down people’s assumptions and embark on an ambitious Socratic dialogue to reveal the truth. For once in life, trying to fit in will be beneficial. Dress in nice clothes, take care of your appearance and try to exude confidence if you can. Employers generally like this.


During an interview, you want to show your prospective employer that you have a level head on your shoulders, and can work well with others. Now is not the time to highlight the unconventional things about your personality that your friends and family most likely love. Keep all conversation engaging and intellectual but always safe. Essentially, you want to show your employer that you’re not going to be a diva. 

Demonstrating Value

The next aspect of the interview is showing off your abilities. This is your chance to show your employer what you can bring to the table. Show that you have knowledge in the field and highlight your natural intelligence if you have it. The interview is your chance to make your mark, not a chance to build a relationship—that comes after.