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Keeping Candy Clean: Halloween Precautions

October 9, 2015 Hastings and Hastings

Halloween is one of the most exciting times of the year for children. They get to dress up, adventuring around, see their friends, and most importantly, eat tons and tons of candy. Kids aren’t going to be concerned about anything fortunately, that is your job as a parent. It is still important to check the candy your children bring in after a night of trick-or-treating.

Looking for Open Candy

The first step in checking out your enthusiastic son or daughter’s candy haul is to look for open, torn, or tampered candy wrappers. A good deal of Halloween candy comes in small single serving units, often with simple paper wrappers. These can often be loosened when bouncing around in a bucket full of candy. Keep a discerning eye when looking things over. If it appears that a tootsie roll has been unrolled and rewrapped, discard it. This is no time to take risks, if you doubt it, throw it out. Take the time to go through everything before you let the kids dive in. They may be impatient, but you know it will be worth it!

Hitting the Streets

There are also dangers out there while the kids are trick-or-treating. Make sure you accompany them when they hit the streets. If you can’t be there, send a chaperone. Give the kids flashlights or a lighting alternative. It is going to be dark out and there are going to be cars driving around. You want those cars to be able to see them! Only approach will-lit houses. If a home wants to have Halloween visitors, they will make sure that trick-or-treaters can tell.

Have Fun!

After filling you with caution, it is important to note that you better have fun! Halloween is a time for celebration and excitement. While there are risks associated with the night, they are relatively minor. As long as you keep an eye out and stay aware of the risks, you and you children will be fine. Happy trick-or-treating everyone!