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Keeping Children Safe And Secure From Slip And Fall Related Accidents

December 13, 2014 Hastings and Hastings

Keeping Children Safe And Secure From Slip And Fall Related Accidents

A large percentage of slip and fall accidents and tripping related accidents occur each and every year with children being the victims. From serious injuries to loss of life events, slip and fall accidents and tripping accidents result in a large number of serious events that could otherwise be avoided. Here are a few easy and straightforward strategies for keeping children safe and secure when it comes to slip and fall type accidents.

Cover A Playground Area With Safety Material

For example, making use of window guards as a way to prevent children from falling out of a window is a highly effective and affordable way of greatly increasing the level of safety around the home. Equally important is to always stow ladders and stepping stools away and out of the reach of children. Young children can play on ladders and step stools and easily become injured. Another key consideration with regard to keeping children safe is to simply cover a playground area with safety material. This can reduce injuries caused by falling in a playground environment.

The Incidence Of Injury Will Be Substantially Reduced

Parents should take the time to make certain that all sharp edges of fireplaces, furniture and other pieces around the home are safety proofed. Toddlers and young children fall as standard practice when they are learning to walk. By safety proofing all sharp edges around the home, parents can rest assured that the incidence of injury will be substantially reduced. Best of all, today’s choices with regard to safety equipment for parents of young children makes it easy and affordable to find the best safety devices on the market.

Knowing What To Expect

Finally, parents can greatly increase overall safety around their home by ensuring that children’s furniture is never positioned near a window. This is especially true with regard to windows that are on a second story or higher. Staying one step ahead of toddlers and young children simply means knowing what to expect. Children like to climb and crawl and will find a way to get near an open window if given the opportunity. Staying proactive as a parent simply means thinking ahead and preventing the possibility of an accident from occurring. Contact Hastings and Hastings today for a Phoenix personal injury attorney with years of experience.