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Knowing How To Handle Potential Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

April 25, 2015 Hastings and Hastings

Carbon monoxide poisoning is particularly insidious because it is a tasteless, odorless and invisible gas that can cause serious injury. Typical symptoms associated with carbon monoxide poisoning include many of the symptoms that are typical of the virus or flu. This includes everything from nausea to vomiting and muscle aches as well as even an unexplained headache.

Loss Of Consciousness Is Not Uncommon

Fatigue is another common symptom associated with exposure to carbon monoxide gas. More severe symptoms due to extended exposure to carbon monoxide include chest pain, confusion and even a heart attack. Loss of consciousness is not uncommon when it comes to being exposed to this insidious and dangerous gas. Parents should note that children are more susceptible to the effects of carbon monoxide than adults. This is simply due to the fact that children are smaller and as such the same amount of carbon monoxide can be more dangerous and more life threatening.

Fire Department Once Arriving Will Test And Clear The Home

When ever a carbon monoxide alarm sounds or anyone in a household experiences common carbon monoxide poisoning symptoms it is important to treat the event just as if it were a fire. Everyone should quickly evacuate or exit the house as a way to prevent further exposure. Once everyone is safe and secure outside of the home it is then recommended to call 911. The fire department once arriving will test and clear the home, as a way to make sure that it is safe and free of this dangerous gas. In some instances, those who have been exposed carbon monoxide may best be served by visiting an emergency room at the hospital.

Never Go Back Into A Home Until It Is Absolutely Certain

Finally, most experts would agree that homeowners and family member should never go back into a home until it is absolutely certain that there is no more potential for carbon monoxide gas exposure. As an added note, homeowners should have fuel burning type appliances and other devices that can produce carbon monoxide checked at regular intervals as a way to ensure that this type of accident never happens. Contact Hastings and Hastings if you or someone you know has been injured due to the negligence of another individual. Phoenix personal injury legal representation is always just a call away.