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Knowing What To Expect With Regard To Slip And Fall Accidents

December 19, 2014 Hastings and Hastings

Knowing What To Expect With Regard To Slip And Fall Accidents

Slip and fall related accidents are more common today than most people might imagine. In fact, the tendency is for there to be a greater number of slip and fall accidents as the general population continues to age. From young people to elderly and everyone in between, slip and fall accidents happen each and every day across the country in the most unexpected places and under the most unexpected conditions.

Missing Handrails

There are a number of common places where slip and fall related accidents do occur. This includes stairs that have loose or missing handrails as well as construction areas and areas around swimming pools. Other common locations where slip and fall accidents or tripping accidents often occur include various areas throughout office buildings and places of employment. Nightclubs, restaurants and bars also experience a fair share of slip and fall related accidents on an annual basis. Grocery stores and shopping centers frequently see slip and fall accidents where floors are wet or slippery.

Parking Garages

Equally of concern are moving walkways, elevators and sidewalks where curbs are present. All of these situations can easily result in a slip and fall or trip related type accident. Being aware of the potential for slip and fall accidents can greatly reduce the chances of one ever occurring. Other common places where tripping accidents frequently occur include the homes of neighbors, friends and family as well as driveways, parking lots and even in parking garages. The list goes on with a virtually unlimited number of locations where a slip or fall can easily occur unexpectedly.

Seek Out Medical Assistance

To sum it up, slip and fall accidents or tripping accidents can occur virtually anywhere at any time. In a number of slip and fall related-accidents, another individual, company or government agency may actually be responsible for causing the accident and the resulting injuries. Those who have been involved in some type of slip, fall or trip type accident should seek out medical assistance immediately followed by legal assistance. These types of accidents can be particularly dangerous and can even result in loss of life. As an added note, wearing nonslip rubber soled shoes is another way to reduce the chances of being involved in this type of accident. Contact Hastings in Hastings for Arizona slip and fall accident attorneys who offer discount attorney’s fees.