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Ladder Related Safety Tips For The Home And Work Environment

February 7, 2015 Hastings and Hastings

Ladder Related Safety Tips For The Home And Work Environment

Ladders offer many advantages to homeowners and those in the workplace when it comes to accessing items that would otherwise be out of reach. However, knowing the proper way to use a ladder and being alert with regard to hazards associated with using this popular tool is important to avoiding injury. One example of getting the most out of a ladder is to simply read the manufacturer’s documentation that comes with the ladder to ensure that this tool is used properly.

Stepping Stool

In addition, using the right type of ladder for the project at hand is essential. In fact, using the wrong type of ladder for the job being performed is one of the top reasons that ladder related accidents happen. Whether it is a stepladder or a stepping stool or some type of modern complex folding ladder product, one thing is sure and that is that it should be used in the right way. For example, a stepladder should never be propped up against a wall and used like an extension ladder. This is a sure way to cause injury.

Weight Rating

Another key concern when choosing a ladder is in selecting a fiberglass type ladder if it will be used around or near electricity. Another key concern when choosing a ladder is in choosing one that is properly weight rated. Knowing your own personal weight and then choosing the appropriate ladder that has the appropriate weight rating is essential to avoiding a dangerous fall or injury. When choosing an appropriate weight-rated ladder it is wise to consider the weight of items that will be carried up and down the ladder as well.

Preventing Accidents

Finally, when carrying a ladder it is critical to make sure that the ladder is well balanced and that the front of the latter is held in a slightly upward position. Losing balance or losing control of a ladder while it is being moved and set up is another primary reason why accidents happen. As an added note, choosing the right length of ladder can also reduce the chances of an accident. This combined with placing a ladder in a secure way so that it does not tip or fall is key to preventing accidents. Contact Hastings and Hastings, a Phoenix personal injury lawyer if you have been injured due to someone else’s negligence.