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Law School Admissions Preparation

July 5, 2015 Hastings and Hastings

Entrance into Law School hinges heavily on two factors: LSAT score and GPA. Also, a strong personal statement, a demonstration of leadership skills, or an ability to diversify yourself from the pack are weighted heavily in the Law School Admissions process.

The Numbers

Like anything else in life, people rely heavily on quantifiable data. In the case of Law School admissions, the LSAT score is the number one indicator of admission success, and weighted the most heavily. A strong grade point average also weighs heavily on your application, however, every school is different, and thus, the LSAT, being the only aspect universally standardized for all applicants, is a more accurate measurements of an applicant’s ability. Generally, scoring above a 155 (60th percentile) will gain you access to good law schools; a score exceeding 162 (85th percentile) will secure you scholarships from good regional schools; and a score exceeding 170 (97th percentile) will gain you access to the best schools in the country and scholarships to many strong respectable schools. The LSAT is a highly learnable test, and thus, it is advisable to prepare thoroughly for the event.

Personal Statement

When drafting your personal statement, think about it like an interview. This is your chance to reveal what the numbers cannot show. Maybe you have a big heart and dedicated a fragment of your life to philanthropy?; maybe you have an interesting story that helped mold your character?; perhaps you’re artistically inclined and want to expose the artist within?. Whatever you choose to write about, show the world who you are, and highlight what makes you unique.

Regional and Elite Schools

If you’re looking to make $160,000 right out of the shoot, then it is in your best interest to attend one of the elite schools in the country. However, state regional schools are also a safe bet and turn out some of the best lawyers in the country.