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Law Student Involved in Product Liability Case for Diabetes Equipment Malfunction

June 21, 2015 Hastings and Hastings

Law student Abbie Harper from the University of Chicago—considered amongst the top tier law schools in the country— recently was found dead in her Hyde Park apartment. She relied on defective diabetic test strips, which were later recalled post mortem. Also, an incompatibility issue arose with the insulin pump she utilized, says a Business Wire press release.

“Abbie trusted and relied upon her diabetic test strips and glucose monitor. They were her lifeline. We hope this lawsuit makes the diabetic community more aware of the products that we believe failed Abbie, products she trusted to keep her alive,” said her parents in a written statement postponed on the website for Corboy & Demetrio, the law firm representing Harper’s estate in this case.

Product liability cases are very common in American society. Most recently, GM has come under intense scrutiny for crossing the wires associated with air bag functioning and standard ignition. As a result, air bags have triggered while cars are in transit, leading to the unfortunate death of hundreds. Abbie’s case is another example of a large company failing to live up to their end of the bargain. If a big company like GM kills a member of your family due to negligence, then it would be wise to contact a lawyer immediately in order to gain the compensation you deserve.

Harper was known through University of Chicago’s campus for her honesty, and transparent down to earth attitude. She was highly intelligent, compassionate, creative, and full of faith. She was a member of the Christian Legal Society, active in the Law School’s Women’s Mentoring Program, and she enjoyed mentoring undergraduates through the University of Chicago Careers in Law office. She was an avid writer and enjoyed to share her stories with the writing club at University Chicago. She will be missed by all she crossed paths with.