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Law Students who Moonlight as Beauty Queens

August 16, 2015 Hastings and Hastings

When one thinks of law students, the image of a pale student wearing horned rimmed glasses and suspenders holstered over their frail shoulders comes to mind. But, apparently a handful of students boast the virtue of beauty as well as brains. Most recently, a one Candice Bennatt who holds the title for Miss Louisiana 2015, almost won Miss USA. Indeed, she is not the first of her kind. There have been many studious aspiring lawyers who spend their weekdays cooped up in a library and their weekends adorning charity events and minor league hockey games for money. Not a bad way to pay off law school debts.

A Brief Bio

Candice Bennatt is a bright young girl who studied Biology and Communications in undergrad. After undergrad, she worked as an NFL cheerleader before receiving a generous scholarship to the University of New Orleans College of Law. She is the state ambassador for the Louisiana Coalition Against Domestic Violence where she shares her story in hopes of protecting and educating woman. If that’s not enough, Candice desired to be Miss USA which she almost accomplished, making it to the final ten, only to be beat by Olivia Jordan. Candice’s dream is to combine her love for legal studies and public speaking by working as a legal analyst for a major news network.

Other Notable Law Students who have won Beauty Pageants

The list of aspiring lawyers who moonlight as Beauty Queens is exhaustive: Laura Puleo, Debra Jean Strimike, Kiara Imani Williams, Erika Baldwin, Miss India 2011, and Miss Texas 2012. The moral of the story is that despite popular belief, lawyers are not boring, ugly people. Actually they tend to be the opposite: interesting, caring people.