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One thing we are very passionate about here at Hastings & Hastings, is ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to protect their rights following an accident. Cost should not be a factor in keeping people from attaining legal representation. Many people do not know that most personal injury cases are done with a contingency fee. In our blog today we are going to spend some time looking at hour attorney’s fees work and what you can expect when you retain a personal injury attorney.

What is a Contingency Fee

A contingency fee allows you to hire an attorney without having to worry about large, upfront costs. If you are engaged in a contingency fee agreement with an attorney, their pay will be taken from your cases’ settlement. A typical contingency fee may range from 33 to 40 percent. This means that the more valuable your settlement is, the more the attorney may be paid. Here at Hastings & Hastings our discount accident fee saves our clients money with every single settlement.

Additional Costs

Sometimes there may be additional costs. Often these are taken out of the settlement as well, although some personal injury attorneys may charge the clients as the costs come up. Additional costs could include: filing fees, postage, police reports, medical reports, pay for expert witnesses, and travel. These can be difficult to anticipate and vary from cases to cases. If your cases does not settle and goes to court, more expenses will likely come up. Hastings & Hastings collects the same discount fee regardless of if the case goes to court or not.

The End Result

So, given all this information, you may be confused as to what you actually get at the end of a personal injury preceding. Once a settlement is reached, the contingency fee will be deducted from it, followed by any costs that were accumulated during the cases. They remainder is yours to take home. Congratulations!

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