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Let’s Welcome Snowbirds!

November 7, 2015 Hastings and Hastings

Winter is coming. For many cities in the United States, this means temperatures dropping, roads freezing over and progress coming to a halt. For Phoenix, it means things getting busier than ever before. For us, the correct saying might be – snowbirds are coming.

Who are the Snowbirds?

Snowbirds are Phoenix’s seasonal residents. Most snowbirds live in Phoenix during the winter, and elsewhere during the summer. They try to break the narrative that winter is a time for being cold, and summer is a time for being hot. They enjoy the beautiful, temperate, snow-free Phoenix winter, and escape to more mild climates during the brutal heat of the summer. Really, it seems to us that snowbirds have things all figured out!

What Seasonal Residents Mean for the City

So what does the annual snowbird seasonal migration mean for our city? During the winter, the population of Phoenix swells. This means everything is going to be busier. Streets are going to be busier, malls are going to be busier, restaurants are going to be busier, even the DMV is going to be busier. Mostly, this is all very good. It represents an awesome boost to the Phoenix economy. Snowbirds come to town, and are ready to spend. Often, during the holidays, their families follow, and they are ready to spend as well.

Busier streets typically mean more dangerous streets. When traffic increases, tempers fray and accident rates rise. During winter time, drivers should try to exhibit extra caution when they are out on the roads. Snowbirds are part of the rich mosaic that make our city of Phoenix so incredible and unique. Welcome them with open arms. Who knows when you too will decided to become just a seasonal resident?