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Life-Change Smartphone Apps for Drivers

March 4, 2016 Hastings and Hastings

It really does seem like there is a smartphone app for everything. If you navigate over to the apps store on your smartphone, you will be able to browse through hundreds of thousands of apps. There are apps that help you track your fitness, apps that track your finances, apps that make silly noises, apps that help you work, and even apps to help you drive! No, these apps are not going to take over for you entirely, but they may make your life a little easier. Consider downloading these smartphone apps before your next drive.

  1. Trapster

Receiving a speeding ticket is one of the most frustration things an individual can go through. It makes it even more frustrating if you know you were caught in an obvious speed trap. Trapster is here to help you out. This 100 percent free app brings together 14 million worldwide users who are interested in one thing – avoiding speed traps. Load up the app and you will see a roadmap that is updated in real-time based off of crowdsourced information regarding speed traps. When one person drives by a speed trap they drop a pin on the map to warn others. Trapster is also used to warn of upcoming construction sites and road hazards.

  1. iGasUp

If you own a car gas is a never ending expense. Don’t you hate it when you fill your tank full only to drive by another gas station that is 10 cents a gallon cheaper? And maybe that isn’t even the best deal out there. If you aren’t getting the best deal on gas, you are just burning money. iGasUp costs $1 and compiles over 110,000 gas stations in a database. The price of gas at these stations is updated in real time so you can always find the best deal.